Lord Talin Avariel, Ranger from the Kingdom of Aleroth


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Talin Avariel, level 10
Elf, Ranger
Build: Two-Blade Ranger
Fighting Style: Two-Blade Fighting Style

Str 18, Con 12, Dex 20, Int 8, Wis 14, Cha 10.

Str 16, Con 12, Dex 16, Int 8, Wis 12, Cha 10.

AC: 27 Fort: 23 Reflex: 24 Will: 19
HP: 74 Surges: 7 Surge Value: 18

Nature +14, Stealth +16, Endurance +10, Acrobatics +14, Perception +14, Athletics +13

Arcana +4, Bluff +5, Diplomacy +5, Dungeoneering +7, Heal +7, History +4, Insight +7, Intimidate +5, Religion +4, Streetwise +5, Thievery +9

Level 1: Weapon Expertise (Heavy Blade)
Level 2: Quick Draw
Level 4: Weapon Focus (Heavy Blade)
Level 6: Two-Weapon Fighting
Level 8: Two-Weapon Defense
Level 10: Lethal Hunter
Feat User Choice: Battle Awareness

Ranger at-will 1: Shield of Blades
Ranger at-will 1: Twin Strike
Ranger encounter 1: Off-Hand Strike
Ranger daily 1: Jaws of the Wolf
Ranger utility 2: Yield Ground
Ranger encounter 3: Disruptive Strike
Ranger daily 5: Frenzied Skirmish
Ranger utility 6: Serpentine Dodge
Ranger encounter 7: Sweeping Whirlwind
Ranger daily 9: Attacks on the Run
Ranger utility 10: Hunting Party

ITEMS Summoned Earthhide Armor +3, Paired Scimitar +2, Magic Scimitar +2, Distance Longbow +1, Antipathy Gloves (heroic tier), Iron Armbands of Power (heroic tier), Amulet of Protection +2, Boots of Stealth (heroic tier), Potion of Healing (heroic tier)


The seeds of Aleroth were planted when an elven strike force attacked a cult stronghold in the Haunted Woods. The Cult of Exquisite Agony had defiled the forest with a walled compound, castle, and mage tower, and were practicing dark magic within those confines. The strike force, lead by a priest of Melora named Varenthal, easily dispatched the enemy scouts and penetrated the walls of the compound and the elves quickly cut down any resistance as they approached the tower. However, victory would not be attained so easily. The Cult necromancers began chanting and streams of undead began pouring out of the tower. The masses of undead creatures began to overwhelm the elves. It was at this point that Varenthal’s son Aelar sprinted towards the tower through and over the undead forces while firing a rapid stream of arrows. Before being pulled down, Aelar managed to kill two of the necromancers and slow the flow of the undead from the tower. Inspired by his son’s bravery and horrified by his fate, Varenthal tap into a previously unknown reserve of power and disintegrated hundreds of the undead creatures before successfully leading his forces through the remaining resistance and to the top of the tower. The remaining members of the Cult were slaughtered. The elves accomplished their goal, but it cost them over half their force, including Varenthal’s son.

Investigation of the stronghold uncovered a rift between the world of the living and the world of the dead. It would take years to close the rift and heal the land of all the damage done. To close the rift and to honor his son’s sacrifice, Varenthal declared that he would stay and turn this scarred land into a place that the elves would be proud to call home. As word of Varenthal’s exploits and Aelar’s sacrifice spread, many came to help close the rift and establish the settlement of Aleroth.

Within fifty years, the rift was closed and the settlement of Aleroth was thriving. Instead of tearing down the compound, Varenthal chose to keep it as a reminder of what had happened and let the forest grow around it. As the elves expanded into all areas of the Haunted Wood and started other villages, there was a movement to declare themselves as an independent kingdom. Varenthal supported this movement and requested that his only living son, Lanmáreus, be the offered the crown. Shortly thereafter, Lanmáreus was crowned as the first king of Aleroth. Over the next few centuries, the Haunted Wood and the kingdom of Aleroth prospered under the rule of Lanmáreus and his son Gilthanas.

Lord Talaminantheril Avariel, called Talin, is the third son of Prince Keryth and ninth in the line of succession to the Crown of Aleroth. Talin’s father was the third son of Lanmáreus and held the position of Viceroy for both Lanmáreus, during the end of his reign, and Gilthanas since he was crowned.


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