Tre Hoogar

Elvish druid whose goals remain a mystery...


Tre-Hoogar was born to the Elvish High Family in the Elven capital city of Taxhaven located at the center of the Sea of Trees far to the east. Growing up as a member of the ruling family, he was surrounded by wealth and oppulence the likes of which few can imagine.

As Tre matured, he began to find his surroundings distasteful and spent more and more time in the vast forests surrounding the capital city. Their Tre found peace. In the deep isolation among the trees, his love of the trees and beasts grew. Tre discovered that through his love of the animals he became more in-tune with nature.

As the years passed, be tried to share his love with as many of the animals of the forest as he could find. The members of his family couldn’t understand Tre’s isolation and disinterest in gathering wealth but as Tre was far down the line of succession, they left him to his own devices.

One day when he had traveled further into the forest than ever before, he found an injured doe. He immediately began to take care of its many needs. While Tre was distracted, an arrow streaked from the trees to take the doe in the throat. Tre looked up to see a small band of orcs with bows laughing at him and the slaugtered doe.

Suddenly, a blinding animal like rage over took Tre. A power born of hate and love emerged and Tre transformed. Enraged he leapt upon the orcs in the form of the great panther and began to rip and rend. Sometime later, Tre came to his senses to find the band of orcs dead at his feet – all mauled and torn limb from limb.

With that change, Tre realized he had been given a gift. A gift to protect the trees and beasts of the forest and continue with his mission to share his love with all of Nature’s wondrous creations.

Tre Hoogar

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