Masters of the Universe

Who Sits Upon the Throne?

Session 3, Part 1/2

After dealing with the goblins guarding the entrance to the tomb, the party needed a short rest to recover the energies they had spent in the fray. However, as he was pressed upon at the battle’s conclusion, the hexer had shouted a warning down the darkened hallway to the east and sounds of movement could be heard beyond the glow of light cast by Jonbon’s sunrod. The party took a quick breather which keeping guard down the passage way and then decided to move on since things had quickly grown quiet.

Seeing no obvious way to move stealthily down the corridor, Tim Frostbucket decided to walk forward and see what dangers lurked ahead. Making his way forward, he saw that the passage made a sharp turn into a larger room that had the look of a throne room. The area was decorated in dwarven motif with carvings, painting and tapestries and he immediately saw that the once-fine works had either succumbed to the passage of time or had been vandalized. Pressing ahead for a better view of the room’s contents he saw goblins waiting in ambush. The goblins surged forward to attack Tim, and Scragg counter assaulted by charging the hall’s length to aid his companion. The duo of stout warriors provided a wall of steel to impede the goblins and Jonbon, Zanne and Tre were able to launch devastating ranged attacks from the rear guard.

After the first blows of battle rang out and some goblin casualties had been counted, a chilly presence was felt as a white form descended from the throne area and rounded the corner of the hallway. The MotU laid their eyes on a white wyrmling which hissed something to the goblins in dragon speech and then breathed an ineffective shower of snowflakes and frost onto Scragg and Tim. The goblins fought to the bitter end to protect the wyrmling but could not match the powers at the disposal of the MotU. As the goblins fell, Jonbon cast an arcane hex upon the wyrmling, allowing his companions to regain vitality by attacking the loathsome creature. Emboldened by these magics, the party made short work of the baby dragon.

Behind the throne, the heroes found what looked to be the meager beginnings of a dragon hoard. In the wyrmling’s stash they noted a Wand of Cold (+1 enchantment), Feyleaf Sandles, a Potion of Healing, 120 silver coins and 120 gold coins. As they rested at the foot of the dwarven throne all of the party felt strengthened and grew in power (advancing to level 2). Also, they found a key on one of the goblin soldiers that seemed to be a good match for the iron doors on the south wall of the throne room.


Who indeed!

Who Sits Upon the Throne?

A hapless baby dragon :(

Who Sits Upon the Throne?

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