Masters of the Universe

The Defenders of Riverstead

Session 1: And so it begins...

The afternoon was much like any other in Riverstead. Winter seemed to be approaching early this year and an unusual chill hung in the air. Townsfolk moved about the dirt streets attending to their daily business. In the tavern of the Green Tankard, Jonbon Jovvy, the half-elven minstrel, was recounting the creation tale of the Realm to a couple of patrons. At the bar, his companion Scragg the half-orc barbarian was sharing an ale with Tim Frostbucket, a goliath warden that had traveled from the mountain ice farms of the northland. Deciding to pool their resources to find work, they had just agreed that the name “Masters of the Universe” had quite a potent ring to it as well as nice marketing potential.

As Jonbon was finishing his tale, a hulking goliath strode in from the streets. The hulking shape surveyed the crowd and then quietly walked to a bulletin board, posted a note with hammer and tack and then left. On his way back to the bar to join his companions, Jonbon plucked the note off the board and read it to his friends: “Trekkers Needed: Please inquire at Garwin’s Curios and Curiosities.” Knowing that the shop, a place of oddity and wondrous items, was just across the street, the newly named Masters of the Universe decided to make haste to head off any other potential applicants.

About half way through the street, a tremendous explosion rocked the square near the town well. Townsfolk screamed for the city guard and fled as goblins poured in through the gaping hole in the south side of the city wall. Seven small goblins in tattered leather armor rushed into the square and cut down nearby townsfolk with their rusty shortswords. Behind the goblin cutters were two more heavily armored goblin warriors and a robed goblin barking guttural orders. All around, people ran for shelter and building doors were pulled shut and barred.

The MotU sprung into action. With battlelust in his veins, Scragg readied his greatsword and charged headlong into the fray. A goblin cutter in his path was deftly cut down and Scragg pushed further into the swarm of attackers. Jonbon and Tim Frostbucket engaged the combatants to provide support to Scragg. As the townsfolk fled, the goblins focused their attention on the evident threat that the heroes now posed.

Several goblins made a beeline towards Garwin’s Curio shop, apparently searching for an “item.” Jonbon pursued them as the icy warden shifted into the heart of the conflict and filled the open hole in the city wall. Scragg was struck blind and unable to move by the hexing attacks of the robed goblin.

As the battle near the well raged, Jonbon quickly dispatched the two goblins that had made it to the curio shop and began to weave a tirade of insults at the thieves. The insults wove with arcane magics to prey upon the fragile psyches of the goblin minds and they fell dead on the spot from terror. Outside, Jonbon heard his companions shout that goblin reinforcements had arrived.

The goblins expended all their efforts to stop Scragg and Frostbucket, but to no avail. The wild eyed barbarian, now recovered from his blinding hex, and the towering goliath were too mighty. They mowed through the goblin forces and finally reached the goblin hexer, ending his miserable life. At the end, fetid, green goblin blood soaked into the dirt streets near the city wall.



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